As a company we have years of experience helping our clients to achieve their potential in all aspects of the product lifecycle.  We are providing experienced quality assurance services to our clients, starting in R&D, through the clinical trials process and all the way to commercialisation.

Qualified Person Services

Conducting batch certification of medicinal products for use commercially and for clinical trial purposes. 

We have experience in providing QP services for both UK domestic manufacturing & also imported medicinal products manufactured overseas.

Qualification of Outsourced Activities

As a company we understand the importance for organisations to find the right partners to achieve their ambitions. 

We are providing audit services across the entire product lifecycle, to help clients with their vendor qualification and assessment process

Training and Coaching

The industry is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up with the latest advancements.

Kudos Quality continually invests in maintaining our current knowledge of regulations and standards.

We are able to translate the complexities of current regulatory expectations into tailored training to support your needs.

Quality Assurance Management Services

Providing clients with experienced quality system resources and support. 

We have a proven track record in providing:

  • Developing tools for oversight of the quality system.
  • Obtaining a competent authority authorisation e.g. MHRA licence.
  • Supporting during inspections and remediation CAPA plans.